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Nickname Caroline   (United States)
Review I love my HOHRYU kyusu! When I first opened my box and held the kyusu, I felt like I was holding an ancient and precious treasure. It took me a couple of days of merely admiring and touching it before I dared to use it. Now that I got over my intimidation, I enjoy so much using it to brew my tea!

My first brew in this lovely kyusu was the Kuradashi Super Premium. After some experience with the proper temperature, time and amount of leaves, the Second brew was superb! I was so surprised to do seven infusions, each delicious and unique with no loss of flavor...but of course this is a high grade tea.

The beauty of this kyusu is especially revealed under the noon light, where you will see the precise details of the intricate patterns created by the master potter. It invites you to touch and hold it, which is what I have been doing since this lovely kyusu arrived at my door.

Thank you, Mr. Yasui, for offering this wonderful kyusu, and thank you, Mr Sawada, for your lovely masterpiece!
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Date October 12, 2016

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