Cool New Iced Drinks for the Hot Summer!

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For trying below recipes, we recommend Gyokuro items, Sencha items, Matcha items and Houjicha items (Houjicha (Bancha) / Houjicha Karigane).

Cool new iced drinks for the hot summer!
Here are some new iced tea recipes for you to enjoy. Once you try it, you're sure to love the pure refreshing taste, which brings energy and hydration in hot weather. It's easy to prepare as well; just follow the quick and easy recipes below. We hope you'll try iced green tea and enjoy a refreshing green moment this summer season!

(1) Snowy Mountain Mint Gyokuro
Simply add a mint leaf or sprig in a glass of iced Gyokuro.
It makes a very refreshing cold drink for the hot summer season, like a cool winter breeze!
(*) You can also enjoy this Iced Sencha recipe made with Gyokuro.

(2) Sunny Lemon Sencha
Make iced Sencha as usual and add a slice of lemon for each cup.
This is a healthy and refreshing drink.
Like mineral water, this drink goes well with any kind of meal.
It's rich in vitamin C and other nutrients.
(*) You can also enjoy this Iced Sencha recipe made with Gyokuro.

(3) Soothing Honey-Lemon Matcha
Make iced Matcha and add a slice of lemon and a bit of honey. Mix well.
This makes a smooth and lovely drink that is quite soothing in the summer heat and is also good for a sore throat!

(4) Sparkling Matcha Soda
Make iced Matcha and add Soda.
Add syrup and a slice of lemon if you want.
This makes a fun and fizzy drink for summer that is both cool and refreshing!

(5) Cool and Creamy Summer Houjicha
Add a few drops of milk to your iced Houjicha cup.
Because its taste is quite similar to English black tea,
it makes a perfect healthy alternative to English black tea.

(6) Spicy Ginger Houjicha
Add just a drop of ginger juice.
You may add syrup if you want.
This drink is a bit spicy.

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