Matcha SENBEI (premium Japanese confection)

Interior Content: 60g (2.11oz)

These premium Matcha SENBEI are a fresh, light green color, made with high grade, ceremonial style Matcha grown in Kyoto. They are not too sweet, but subtly sweet with a crisp texture. The rich flavor and mellow aroma of the Matcha lingers in the mouth and has a lovely finish.

Plenty of Matcha grown in Uji, Kyoto is included in this special recipe. Generally, cooking grade Matcha is used for Matcha sweets, but high grade Matcha, which is usually reserved for the tea ceremony, is abundantly used for this confection.

In Japan, there are two main styles of SENBEI crackers: rice-based and wheat-based. In other words, the main ingredient is either rice flour or wheat flour. These premium SENBEI crackers are made from wheat flour. These high grade Matcha SENBEI are baked thin, and are so delicious. Once you try a bite, you can't stop eating them.

It is very difficult to retain the mellow and smooth flavor and bright green color of high grade Matcha on baked goods, but through special care and following specific methods, it is possible. We specifically developed these Matcha SENBEI because they do retain the mellow and smooth flavor and bright green color of high grade Matcha, beautifully.

We are certain that the quality and delicate taste of these Matcha SENBEI is superior to others on the market. Our Matcha SENBEI pair very well with all kinds of Japanese tea. These SENBEI will please your palate and enhance your green moment.





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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, egg, shortening, corn starch, Matcha, powdered skim milk/emulsifier, antioxidants (vitamin E)
Contents: 60g (2.11oz)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat and moisture
Best Before: 5 months from production date


Though packed very carefully, it is possible for SENBEI to break because it is fragile. We can't accept reshipping or returning request due to breakage.

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