Natsume - SENMEN RYUSUI (handcrafted canister)

Handcrafted Matcha canister, diameter: 2.75inch (7cm) height: 2.75inch (7cm)
Traditional Yamanaka Nuri lacquer craft

NATSUME is a Matcha container traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is stored in NATSUME temporarily, and Matcha is scooped from NATSUME to the Matcha bowl.

Yamanaka Nuri is well known for high quality lacquer ware. Yamanaka is located in Ishikawa Prefecture and faces the Sea of Japan. It is about 200km (124miles) from Kyoto, which had been the MIYAKO capital of Japan for over a thousand years. There are many sophisticated works in Yamanaka Nuri lacquer craft.

SENMEN means fan, and RYUSUI means flowing water. This Natsume expresses that the fan is flowing in the pure stream. In ancient times, the fan was regarded as a sacred item, and was used not only for cooling oneself on a hot day, but also for rituals, gifts, and communication tools on which to write poems. Flowing water was described in the Middle Ages painting. Cherry blossoms flow along the stream. This container has a brilliant and sacred atmosphere.

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Made in Japan.





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- NATSUME is not so airtight like our steel canister in which Matcha Super Premium and Premium are packaged. So, when you store Matcha in NATSUME, please use up within a few days.
- If you feel uncomfortable with the smell of new lacquer ware before use, leave it in an airy room for a few days. The lacquer smell will vanish.
- Never soak lacquer ware in water.
- Never leave lacquer ware in direct sunlight or high humidity, to avoid the risk of transformation, discoloration and mold.
- If you find an oily spot or fingerprint on your product, wipe with a soft cloth or paper carefully.
- Never use scrubbing brushes, scouring powders, or a dish washing machine.

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