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Our FUROSHIKI Gift YOHKAN Set includes Sencha Superior and the traditional sweet bean jelly YOHKAN. It has a unique texture and sweetness which pairs well with all kinds of Japanese tea. Our four flavors of YOHKAN are manufactured with careful attention to quality and domestic ingredients. They are carefully wrapped with FUROSHIKI Japanese traditional wrapping fabric.

YOHKAN recipe is very simple, so the quality of ingredients directly affect the flavor. We use only AZUKI soy beans grown in HOKKAIDO prefecture, located in northernmost Japan, the most famous production center of highest quality AZUKI. And we added WASANBON sugar which is known for its high-toned sweetness.

The FUROSHIKI wrapping fabric is of course reusable and perfect for wrapping anything from a gift to a Bento lunch box. It can also be used as a decorative wall hanging, table cloth, scarf, and so on. It depends on your idea. The FUROSHIKI, made of high-quality cotton, is 18.89 inches (48cm) square and is reversible (one side is purple and the other side is green). It is made in Kyoto, Japan. The pattern is pine, a traditional auspicious omen representing health and long life, because a pine tree lives for a very long time and some are quite ancient.

We will also attach a colorful postcard inscribed with your personal message.





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- Sencha Superior (100g/3.53oz)
- YOHKAN (sweet bean jelly)
- FUROSHIKI (18.89 inches (48cm) square, Cotton, Made in Kyoto, Japan)

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