End of Summer - Aug.26 (Kuradashi Teas)End of Summer - Aug.26 (Kuradashi Teas)

End of Summer and Kuradashi Teas (Around Aug. 25)

Though this year's TSUYU rainy season started around the middle of June as usual, the announcement of the end of the TSUYU rainy season came around the end of June, which is 3 weeks earlier than usual and the shortest in the past 50 years. We farmers really worried about the lack of rainfall this summer. However, fortunately, we had many rainy days in July.

In August, the summer heat was intense all over Japan. In a few areas, the temperature reached more than 40C (104F) and broke the record for the highest temperature. Even Kyoto reached above 38C (100F).
However, there were about 9 to 11 rainy days during that time in August in Uji, Kyoto. As a result, the tea trees received enough rain throughout the whole summer, so they fortunately weren't damaged from the intense heat and avoided HAYAKE leaf scorch.

Overall, this summer was not too severe for tea trees. The conditions were actually rather good for tea trees, though tea trees are innately strong against bad weather conditions.

The weather typically starts getting cooler in the early morning and at night in Ujitawara, Kyoto around August 16, after the OBON religious festival. According to forecasts, it is expected that the autumn weather will be typical. Farmers pray that the much anticipated autumn rain will bring vitality to the tea trees.

Autumn is going to be on its way soon and so are our seasonal autumn Kuradashi teas. Following traditional methods, our Kuradashi teas have been enriched in wooden boxes in the granary for one and a half years, since last May, and will be ready in a few more weeks. The deepened mellow and noble flavor of enriched Kuradashi Gyokuro and Kuradashi Matcha will be available in mid-autumn. Please wait and see!

Tea trees under the TANA canopy are shaded sparsely to avoid intense heat.

These tea leaves are unfortunately partially damaged by the intense heat. Yet, new sprouts will grow vigorously, even on these tea trees, next spring because of their innate hardiness, and appropriate management from the tea farmer.

Tea trees, which are innately strong against bad weather conditions, overcame this severe climate.

Taking a break near by our tea farm

Orthetrum albistylum speciosum. End of summer is approaching.

Autumn is almost around the corner.

Our Kuradashi teas have been aged in the granary by the traditional way since last year's May.

Kuradashi teas enriched in wooden boxes.

Kuradashi Tea: Now Available!

At last Kuradashi Gyokuro is now available!
The Kuchikiri no Gi ceremony was solemnly and mindfully held at Kosho Temple in Uji and people celebrated Kuradashi Gyokuro on October 2. (For more information, please see above 'Kuchikiri no Gi ceremony.')
At the same time, our Kuradashi Gyokuro which has been stored for over 1.5 years was taken out from the granary. We have arranged three limited edition Kuradashi Gyokuro and one Kuradashi Sencha as described below. They are limited edition of 850 packages each ONLY AVAILABLE this autumn season. Two Kuradashi Matcha will start to be sold around late October. Please wait and see.
Celebrate Kuradashi Tea and enjoy the remarkable enriched flavor and sweetness which can only be experienced once every year! We are certain that the fine enriched flavor and sweetness will captivate you.

Kuradashi Gyokuro and Sencha

[Limited] Kuradashi Gyokuro Super Premium (40g/1.41oz): US$24.00(Now Available)
The superb enriched and sweetened flavor and aroma lingers in the mouth for a while. The aroma is full, but not too strong. The flavor is rich and subtle. The taste is both mellow and enhanced...
[Limited] Kuradashi Gyokuro Premium (80g/2.82oz): US$27.00(Now Available)
All Gyokuro does not gain an enriched flavor but only specific kinds of Gyokuro. We have enriched this highest grade of trimmed Gyokuro for one and a half years...
[Limited] Kuradashi Gyokuro Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz): US$35.00(Now Available)
Tea leaves for this special tea grow in the Ogura area in the Uji region, which is known as one of the foremost production centers of the highest grade of enriched Gyokuro...
[Limited] Kuradashi Sencha (80g/2.82oz): US$24.00(Now Available)
Long time ago the quality and good conditioned Sencha in Autumn season must have been similar in taste and aroma to this fine Kuradashi Sencha. And that time, only few people could enjoy the excellent flavour...

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