Processing by Traditional Method (limited / Blended Sencha)Processing by Traditional Method (limited / Blended Sencha)

What is Golden Celebration Tea?

The combination of green tea with gold flakes makes a beautiful presentation. Gold is an ancient symbol of prosperity, and adds significance to any special occasion.

At Hibiki-an, we offer Golden Celebration Gyokuro and also Golden Celebration Matcha. Golden Celebration teas are also a perfect gift for any special occasion. In Japan people enjoy Golden Celebration tea on New Year's Day as part of a long-standing tradition. The tea is consumed while praying for the welfare of the household, and appreciating the good fortune of the previous year. It is a special moment, full of happiness and hope for the future.

Please sprinkle the gold flakes over each cup of tea after brewing or each bowl of Matcha after preparing the Matcha. The smooth flavor of Gyokuro or Matcha creates a peaceful atmosphere, and the lovely glimmering gold flakes as they float on the surface of the tea delights and occupies the mind. We hope you enjoy the beauty and flavor of this special blend of gold and our finest tea.

Golden Celebration Tea items

We hope you enjoy the beauty and flavor of this special blend of gold and our finest tea. (Golden Celebration Matcha is limited edition only available for the holiday gift season.)
Check Golden Celebration Teas! Golden Celebration Tea Gift items are a perfect gift for any special occasion.

Golden Celebration Gyokuro (40g/1.41oz): $23.00

Golden Celebration Matcha (40g/1.41oz): $34.00

Golden Celebration Gyokuro Set (Two kinds): US$50.00

FUROSHIKI Gift Celebration Tea Set: US$53.00

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