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Around June 17: (Productivity of Traditional vs. Modern Tea Processing Methods)

Aracha processing by hand

Sorting by hand

Tea farm work in ancient time

Modern Aracha processing machine

Sorting by modern facility

Modern agricultural techniques such as improvements of fertilizer and mechanization have dramatically improved agricultural productivity.
In this news flash, we would like to compare the productivity of traditional versus modern Japanese green tea growing and processing steps. We’ll point out and compare a few steps below.

After harvest, fresh tea leaves are processed the same day by the tea farmer. These tea leaves are called "Aracha" and their weight is approximately one-fifth that of fresh tea leaves. This processing method was created by Sohen Nagatani in 1738 and then mechanized.
The Japanese green tea processing machine was first invented around 1897, and has continuously been improved. Until that time, fresh tea leaves had been processed by hand. It is said that it was very hard work and one craftworker could process a maximum of only 4 to 6kg (8.82 to 13.23lb) of Aracha per day. In contrast, the average farmer’s factory today can process 200 to 300kg (441 to 662lb) Aracha per day.

Aracha is processed by the farmer, but these tea leaves are not finished. The tea leaves are usually finished later by the wholesale merchant. Aracha is sorted, dried, blended and so on. During the sorting process, Aracha is sorted into leaves, stems, veins, and powder. The sorting process had been done by hand until around 1970. A worker had been able to sort 5 kg to 7 kg (11.0 lb to 15.4 lb) tea leaves per day. A modern sorting facility can sort approximately 200 kg (441 lb) tea leaves per day.

It is said that agricultural productivity has improved exponentially over the last 60 or 70 years. This is all thanks to modern agricultural techniques, improvements of fertilizer, mechanization, and so on.

As above, productivity at every step of the way has dramatically improved. As a result, recently you can enjoy even the highest grade tea like our pinnacle grade, which is on par with teas dedicated to the royal family at an extremely reasonable price, even if you live outside Japan.

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Shincha is Now Available

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