Iced Tencha (Tencha - Pure Elegant Flavor)Iced Tencha (Tencha - Pure Elegant Flavor)

Snacks and Candy: Limited / Autumn

We at Hibiki-an added eight Japanese modern confectioneries which are all only available in autumn. Our carefully selected items for autumn confections amuse our mouth very much, and perfectly match with Japanese green tea. MOCHI and YOHKAN are unique texture, modern snacks are so crispy. Glace series also provide their original flavor.
We are certain that they will all completely please your taste bud. Please take a look!
[Limited]KUROMAME HINERI MOCHI (rice cake with black bean): US$25.00
HINERI MOCHI means "twisted rice cake" in Japanese and it is one of the traditional Japanese sweets. KUROMAME black beans, which have a rich nutty flavor, and AN bean jam are wrapped in soft MOCHI rice cake. KUROMAME black beans and AN bean jam pair with the MOCHI rice cake and they are a superb combination...
[Limited] KURI YOHKAN (sweet bean jelly with chestnut): US$22.00
YOHKAN sweet bean jelly is one of the classic confections in Japan. KURI Japanese chestnut which is known as an autumn delicacy is lavishly included in our YOHKAN. The texture of mashed AN bean jelly matches well with the doughy KURI chestnut and the subtle sweet AN jelly also goes well with the nutty flavor of KURI...
[Limited] CUBIC ANNOU IMO (Japanese sweet potato glace): US$14.00
ANNOU IMO breed sweet potato is a premium variety, native only to Japan, and known as the noble and outstanding potato of Japan. The ANNOU IMO is harvested on Tanegashima island, Kagoshima Prefecture in the southern part of Japan. The combination of original sweetness of the potato and unique texture are very pleasant...
[Limited] YUZU Peel (Japanese citrus peel glace): US$17.50
Our YUZU are grown in the Kawane area in Hiroshima Prefecture, located in western Japan. Our YUZU are grown in a very severe climate with an especially harsh winter, which makes them gentle and less bitter and sour. The natural and delicate sweetness expands in your mouth, and the very soft and plump texture is a joy to eat...
[Limited] KUROMAME Snack (traditional bean snack): US$10.50
Sea Salt TOFU Cookies are one of the recommended sweets in our limited selection. This cookie features mellow butter and black sea salt, and a unique ingredient known as OKARA, a by-product of the TOFU manufacturing process...
[Limited] KIWAMI Vegetable Chips: US$11.50
These are premium vegetable chips, made with 7 kinds of vegetables only grown in Japan. KIWAMI Vegetable Chips have a unique airy texture and pleasant UMAMI, delicious taste. The method of preparation brings out the original flavor of each vegetable...
[Limited] Matcha Sable (Matcha cookie with AN bean jam): US$15.00
This Matcha Sable is composed of AN bean jam and Matcha cookie, and this contrast characterizes its flavor and texture. The gentle and sweet taste of AN bean jam and the fragrance of Matcha cookies expand in your mouth. The unique and sticky AN bean jam and Matcha cookies create a supreme texture...
[Limited] Matcha Cornetta (modern confection): US$16.00
Name of these sweets is “Matcha Cornetta” meaning baked and rolled crepe with Matcha. The rolled crepe is very unique, airy, and pleasant texture. These Japanese modern confections are made in a long established chocolatier in Kyoto, who pioneered these modern Matcha sweets and has now been producing them for many years...

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