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Nickname Monica Miller   (United States)
Review I love these Hana Kessho Tama Yunomi. The white and blue compliment each other and the colors compliment my Hana Kessho Blue/White Flared Yunomi almost exactly. As you can see in the picture, the shape is not exact for each. The white yunomi is just a bit flatter than the blue one, which is a bit rounder...perfectly wabi-sabi!

It is easy to hold these with either one or two hands. Taking a sip is a little different than for most yunomi because the opening is flatter, you can't really close both lips onto the edge when sipping. There's a bit of a technique when drinking out of the Tama Yunomi or you end up with a slight drip going down the side. Regardless, I'm happy with these overall.

I'm thinking that since these are porcelain they can be used to other things as well, such as serving pudding, ice cream, other drinks, etc. My collection of Hana Kessho is growing and this glazing technique is quite beautiful and very pleasing to the eye. Nice size too.

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Date June 19, 2021

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