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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review EXTRA WOW!! This yunomi is really something spectacular as a functioning piece of art! The pictures just DO NOT do it justice. For me, this yunomi is up there in my very, very favorites the SEKICHUKA and HAKEME no YUNOMI by Mr. Tanii. I'm very glad I decided to go ahead and add it to my order. I've been pretty sick and it just arrived yesterday so I took it out and was really blown away! I already love the stamp working done by this Artist, Mr. Morisato, and own and love using his HANNA MISHIMA Matcha Bowl. His work ALWAYS, for some reason, makes me feel like I am using something royal, and something not earthenware, but something like a royal goblet and this new styled shape with the gold painted aspects REALLY takes the cake.

First off, somehow the pictures are not showing the beauty of the gold that is used more than I have usually seen on yunomi but it still is not obnoxious or overdone and HIBIKI-AN's description of this being/feeling/having a "nostalgic" atmosphere is exactly correct. When I first saw this, in the small picture of new offerings I was immediately reminded of something I've seen and was intrigued by in an old Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia building that is now a living museum. A room there has leather wallpaper that is stamped/textured and about the same color as this yunomi. I know it's weird to think of a drinking vessel and leather as being related but it immediately caught my eye and it looked great but when it arrived I was triple thrilled, thank you, Mr. Morisato!!

I opened the box to find a perfectly shaped for holding and drinking cup. If you look along the lines of this, you'll see the Artist has begun at the bottom and flared out just a bit, maybe an inch maximum while it then also gracefully rounds back inward. This is placed at the perfect place that our fingers and hands grasp this cup. He really thought it out, I feel, for function by designing it like that but then it gracefully flares a bit wider out again and at the very tip it flares back in 1 last time and then out to create a nice lip for us to enjoy the aromas and everything while Tea drinking.

The artwork is OUTSTANDING!! This is absolutely something I'd choose for myself if I saw it while out shopping, so thank you again, HIBIKI-AN, for having great taste! :D
The Artist has delicately and gracefully applied his personal stamp-work over both the inside and outside so you are pampered by the beauty and talent both in and out of the cup as you drink. The delicate and perfectly balanced gold guildings start at the top going all the way around the top, making this yunomi just light up! Then along the outer top are lined flowers with a modest touch of gold as each flower stamp's center. He brings it all together by thin lines starting thicker at the top then thinner at the bottom in gold in a calligraphy sort of style. Along with the stamps, he has handcarved graceful vine-like swirls, light and airy looking to match the delicate flowers, not "tangly" looking at all on the inside. Seeing these as you drink is VERY calming. They look like smaller flowers floating on the breeze. At the botton you are greeted with a lovely bouquet of flowers inside a delicate swirl pattern that matches the darker circular swirls that are spun around the area where the yunomi gracefully flares in and out. Finally, he has added even more charm by painting petals, flurries, and fan shaped half flowers in white symmetrically around this yunomi inbetween each vertical gold line.

Honestly, I cannot say enough things about how beautifully calming to see and use this yunomi is. A nice plus is that I found it is big enough to use as a small Matcha cup while not being as big as the other multi-cups. The color is very hard to describe- a sort of brown/purple/washed-out, faded plum- it really just reminded me of that leather so much. I have a French Sterling Silver Teacup from the 1910's and Saucer and right now that and this yunomi are sitting beside eachother and they look like they could be related. This cup is just SO regal and beautiful, you will NOT be let down. Plus, it has a way off creating not only a calm atmosphere but a cool as well as a warm atmosphere. If you are even thinking of purchasing this just go ahead, these pictures are nice but the REAL THING Truly is SO outstanding beyond simple words, you'll be very glad ! :)

Awesome Artwork and Skill, Mr. Morisato, and thanks, HIBIKI-AN, for choosing only the best for us!
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Date March 29, 2014

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