[NIJO Castle KANO] ROGAN ZU (by Zenshoh Yamaoka) Reviews

Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review For a long time, I have wanted to own this tea bowl.

I never thought that I would. So, when I had the fleeting chance to obtain it, I did.

The way that it shows the tea is amazing. The gold shimmers in the light and the interior illuminates the tea.

There is an unusualness about how the bowl conveys heat. It warms the hand.

The simple motif of birds and green plants is what attracted me to this bowl.

In Canada, we are always seeing geese. The birds remind me of them. They are strong birds, who fly thousands of kilometers. Their honking fills the air for miles.

One thing worried me. The idea that our tea bowls should not be ornate. The philosophy of Raku ware.

Perhaps I am more self concious with such a fine tea bowl. I must remind myself to be humble with it.
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Date September 18, 2019

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