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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I Love Tencha! Last year only the 2 higher grades were available and I almost decided to not worry about trying this grade because of how much I already knew I was so greatly happy with those 2 grades. BUT, this year I got REALLY into cold-brewing my Tencha using the awesome Limited Seasonal Glass Iced Tea Pot with the dark green lid & strainer. It looks like a very large beaker and has a helpful scale going up the side that marks every 200ml with a cute Tea leaf shape & holds up to 1,000ml. That item is a complete MUST-HAVE for me! I keep it full of cold-brewed HIBIKI-AN Tea year-round!

Usually I will be cold-brewing and enjoying Gyokuro Karigane but this year I was MUCH more able to enjoy cold-brewed Tencha. Last year, I only tried it cold-brewed once, and it tasted too strong for my liking so I just stuck to brewing it at a very low temperature and often enjoying in my 500ml Dobin. This year I decided to try the Super Premium Tencha but used less leaf. I apologize I cannot be more specific about the weight of Tencha leave I used (in this as well as all of my reviews, I just know what I like and can easily measure it out by sight) but I think I used 1.5-2 teaspoons. After the Super Premium cold-brewed and I experienced the Tencha not as strong I immediately knew I needed to get more Tencha or else I'd be out WAY too soon!

THIS grade is PERFECT for my cold-brew needs! I get a nice amount for a nice, fair price. The leaves taste like the higher grades of Tencha but are a bit less complex, although it seems more tasting notes appear when the Tea is not as cold. Also, this grade does not stand up as strongly to 3 full steepings but considering I did not even use the recommended leaf amount I'd say that if you did use the amount HIBIKI-AN calls for, then you will be fine and it will stand fully up to 3 steepings. I will just add a bit more to the pot and get awesome Tencha Tea everytime without worries of running out so fast. Tencha really is very, very high on my personal favorites list! Another great thing to do is add just a bit of the Super Premium to this grade to extend out your steepings and give it a bit more of that very pure and noble, totally unique Tencha taste!
I really wish Tencha was available year-round, even if it was only this grade. I REALLY LOVE TENCHA!! Thanks for offering a new grade to enjoy, HIBIKI-AN, now I can enjoy this awesome Tea cold-brewed during it's limited Summer run as well as how I had been greatly enjoying it!
Also, Tencha with CONPEITOH is a really wonderful treat!
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Date August 26, 2013

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