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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Shincha Matcha is so sweet and light and refreshing! I really Love it cool or cold during Spring and Summer. Last year was my first chance to try Shincha Matcha, although HIBIKI-AN's Super Premium Matcha is a daily thing and I not only drink it but bake and cook with it too.

The Shincha version is a lighter, sweeter version. It might not be as enriched and complex of a flavor but I still really enjoy it and went through my 30g canister SO FAST last year! Thank You for offering this bulk size! This year I got a new canister as well as this to refill it with. I think the taste and aroma are just perfect for the hotter months.

I think that those new to drinking Matcha might find this nice to try because it is not as "strong." Strong is not a bad word here, it is just more light and refreshing.

Now I cannot wait for the Autumn Kuradashi Matcha.
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Date July 01, 2013

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