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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This bowl is so lovely! I have been wanting a porcelain Matcha bowl for awhile and when I saw the new Crystal Glaze in a shade of violet I knew it would be perfect. Especially for enjoying the Shincha Matcha and all Matcha during the hotter months of Spring and Summer. Shades of purple and green are my very favorite colors.
I have never seen a Matcha Bowl like this or any colored Crystal Glaze before. I remember last Spring and Summer a set of white Crystal Glaze yunomi were offered and I thought they were very nice and created a cool atmosphere but I missed out on those. I decided to hurry on this since I felt it would create a calm and cool setting and atmosphere this Season and also because I drink lots of HIBIKI-AN'S Matcha Super Premium.
This bowl is not as deep as other Matcha bowls but I was also looking for that. There are even flatter bowls to choreographe coolness (like the even more recently added blue Crystal Glaze bowl similar to this one) such as the lovely Moonflower Matcha bowl I chose last Summer. This one is in between.

The wisteria Crystal Glaze effect is so pretty! It glistens and shines with a 3D effect. It is really almost like flowers vigorously growing. You really need to be able to see it in person at all it's angles to get the full effect! It goes perfectly with my Shincha Matcha and is very elegantly shaped, giving an elegantly cool and calm feeling. It really was just what I was looking for! Thanks HIBIKI-AN!
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Date July 01, 2013

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