MANTEN Yuzamashi (Water Cooler: 325ml) Reviews

Nickname Edwin   (Netherlands)
Review I have bought this in combination with the Manten tea pot and cups. I would really recommend buying this and buying a yuzamashi in general. I haven't used such a thing before but I think it is very usefull.

Why I like this particular item:
- It does what it should do: The spout is well designed; you can pour without dripping, it goes precisely in a narrow stream. It guides the liquid well.
- The shape of the whole yuzamashi looks very elegant.
- It is white so you can appreciate THE COLOUR OF the tea liqour.
- Feels good to hold in the hand.

Why I think it is good to have a yuzamashi in general and buy this in combination with the Manten tea pot and cups:
- Obviously: It matches with the Manten tea pot and cups.
- Besides using it as a water cooler I also find it usefull to pour the tea liqour into from the tea pot after the brewing time is over.
Please let me explain: If you pour directly from tea pot into first one cup and then the other, you will have a weak first cup and a strong second cup. To prevent this you can pour alternately relatively small amounts of tea in the cups untill they are full. An alternative: pour from tea pot into yuzamashi, the tea liqour will mix and you can pour each cup to the full consecutively.

So, just like the Manten tea pot and cups: practical and beautifull :-).
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Date July 31, 2013

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