House Matcha Large Bag (240g / 8.47oz) Reviews

Author Joy Kiddie   (Canada)
Review I love Hibiki-an's Premium Matcha for drinking hot, but wanted something more cost effective for making cold beverages. I recently upgraded a recipe for a high protein matcha drink (
and many people wanted to know where to get a good quality matcha to use for it. I just received it yesterday and made the drink this morning, and the House Matcha was perfect for the purpose. It was a good colour, pleasant aroma, taste was not bitter and it made a nice foam.

It also made me realize the superior quality of Hibiki-an's Premium Matcha — which I will be reordering to enjoy during the fall and winter months.

As a Dietitian, I know about the benefits of green tea catechins that are highest in matcha — especially the evidence of the effects of EGCG on abdominal fat loss and I want my beverages to be made with the best quality matcha. If it is oxidized, it doesn't have the same benefits. I choose Hibiki-an's matcha for their quality.

PS I also loved their 3 pack sencha sampler and highly recommend it, if you want to decide which you like best!

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Date August 29, 2021

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