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Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review This is the second review for this product that I have written. I have journeyed a long way since then.

I now drink matcha ceremonial style, everyday, in a traditional bowl. That is, without sugar or milk, accompanied by a sweet.

Hibiki's house matcha is very good. I consider it the cut off line for what ceremonial matcha should be. It is first picked tea, which is important for quality. The method is jikase, which means tea bushes are covered with plastic for shading. As you learn more about matcha, over time, these things will become understood.

This is the perfect choice for beginners. The tea is a good green colour. It is also a good value. You need not be nervous, having tried the whole range of matcha, this is a good choice.

The tea is well ground. When I am outside, I can't sift my matcha. It is still useable in such cases. I do recommend as an essential step that you sift your matcha.

Hibiki-an is also very quick at delivery. I highly recommend them!
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Date October 01, 2017

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