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Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review I'm new to matcha. The last matcha that I had was ceremonial grade. I drank it one of two ways. Either the traditional way, whisked by hand, and then with sugar added. Alternatively, I use a large teaspoon full with 400 ml of water and blend it with a hand held blender. This larger amount of water is good when I have a 400 ml of greek yoghurt for breakfast. The matcha is strong to offset the acidity in the yoghurt.

Anyways, this matcha from Hibiki is a nice dark green colour. Compare it to online pictures of quality matcha, and you will see that colour is the same. The foam from whisking is good too.

When I ordered it, there was a mail strike looming here in Canada. I choose to pay for the international express shipping. I am glad I did. My order got here in just 4 days! They even shipped my order within a few hours of ordering.

The customer service from Hibiki regarding the postal strike was very helpful as well.

I will most likely write a second review after I have spent more time with this tea.
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Date July 09, 2016

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