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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review As explained by Hibiki-an, growing competition grade tea is the inspired pursuit of excellence. It requires a surprising amount of money and effort and farmers actually lose money doing so, yet, The Reward is the satisfaction of producing something so superlative that it surpasses Tea and becomes ART!
This Competition Grade Matcha finished in the first place at the 2012 National Tea Fair of Japan, winning the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award which is the highest award and most prestigious honor that a tea farmer and his tea can receive in Japan! Matcha is my very favorite Tea, and I don't even think about purchasing Matcha from anywhere besides Hibiki-an. I could not believe my personal Luck as well as perfect Timing (money and Tea availability-wise) coming all together at once and allowing me to experience such brilliance! I enjoy their Super Premium daily, and also have enjoyed their Pinnacle Grade. I did not think Matcha could get any better for me personally, unless I somehow became some sort of "royalty" in any meaning of the word, until their Competition Grade Matcha Pinnacle recently was offered, and I was able to very enthusiastically enjoy that. I once again thought I had reached the height that I would ever be allowed to experience in my "Matcha Moments."
But then, an amazing Tea Farmer who grows Tea in Hibiki-an's Tea Farm Cooperative, AND ALSO who, in my opinion must certainly grow THE BEST MATCHA, was awarded First Place! For his third time! I want to hugely congratulate and humbly thank this awesome Tea Farmer! :) Thank you for being so dedicated to your wonderful Art! You have allowed me to enjoy my very favorite Tea in so many delicious ways but also contributed to my Health and Well Being on many levels, and Happiness as well. Thank you so very much!!
I was also incredibly astonished that Hibiki-an was willing and chose to offer such a rare and precious item with me and the rest of the World! I'm so thankful I was able to place an order and enjoy this 2012 #1 Award Wining Competition Grade Matcha! I appreciate and agree with Hibiki-an's description of this sort of Luck when they shared something first stated many years ago, "We think that it is ICHIGO ICHIE to be able to stumble across the awarded competition tea. ICHIGO ICHIE, which was first said by tea ceremony inventor Rikyu Sen (1522-1591), means "treasure each encounter, for it will never reoccur" in Japanese. We think that this Matcha is worth drinking once in your life and the experience would be treasured for a lifetime."
Indeed, this Matcha is well worth it to me on every level, and I would not have hesitated even less than 1/2 of a second to jump at the chance to share in such a remarkable achievement and I'm delighted to know the Tea Farmer is receiving a portion of the sales of his First Place Award Winning Matcha, and I truly hope he will continue to pursue excellence in his Art of Tea because it is very much, seriously appreciated definitely by me! :)
As I said, Matcha is my personal, most favorite Tea, and the Tencha offered this past Summer is my most favorite "leaf" Tea, as well as the Matcha Karigane Pinnacle kindly gifted as Customer Appreciation, so I obviously just am a huge lover of EVERYTHING Hibiki-an Matcha! But, this Matcha, made from the premier quality of the freshest young sprouts and complete dedication in every aspect from the very deserving, winning Tea Farmer is simply brilliant in every way (and not only in reference to the Matcha powder's color.) The Tea is the most noble brew, silky smooth, mellow in every way from it's scent and flavors to how incredibly relaxing, calm, and mellow feeling drinking this special Matcha makes me feel :) I greatly thank EVERYONE who made it possible for me to share in the enjoyment of this lovely Matcha!!
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Date December 31, 2012

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