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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I own this bowl and am very happy to see these newer photos of the bowl's interior now that it's been used. I feel alot better as I continue to use mine. After using this bowl for a bit I noticed some darker areas inside. I felt concerned and worried that perhaps somehow it was some sort of a mold that had been able to start growing within the tiny glaze crackles although I do know how glaze will change, deepen, enrich it's look, feel, and atmosphere, and "conform to matcha."
I keep all of my Tea Ware in the china cabinet not only to admire but so I can easily look over, decide on, and quickly grab the bowl/multi-cup/etc. I want to use. I had never packed it back up after opening it when my order first came. It did not have any sort of "off" smell, either, but I wanted to be sure for my Health.

I emailed HIBIKI-AN and described my bowl and explained my worries. Mr. Yasui kindly responded to me incredibly swiftly and helped reassure me that my bowl was ok and everything was normal since it had been out in the air and I had taken proper care of it. But seeing these photos has helped me even more! Actually being able to see what someone is trying to explain in situations you are new to is a TREMENDOUS help! Especially when you're worried in any way. Thank you for putting this item up with the used interior shown and explained.

I'd like to thank Mr. Yasui and everyone at HIBIKI-AN who are awesome hard workers who consistently get the job done so smoothly in a very pleasant, while still mindful of even little details, manner that is unfortunately mostly lost in today's world. It is really great how Mr. Yasui welcomes questions and answers them personally geared to your subject. HIBIKI-AN don't just give a pre-written 1 answer fits all questions sheet or email that is of no help like too many other businesses, of any type. He REALLY CARES & WANTS us to be pleased.
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Date October 06, 2013

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