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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This is a very nice gift for almost everyone! It comes with not only a good Tea, but a unique candy treat that many have probably not even heard of where I live, plus a cute multi-use printed material that you can use as a scarf, decoration, headband, whatever you can think of and one side is green while the other is red so you can take advantage of that aspect, too.
About the candy: I love everything about these candies. My favorite flavor is the large, brown ones called Kokutoh. I has a definite flavor that reminds you of chocolate but the texture is not melty like chocolate, It also has a very slight coffee warmness in the scent and flavor, along with maybe a bit of maple. (Although I think the tiny, tan colored ones called Wasanbon have more of a maple flavor in general.) The Kokutoh has a distinctly different type of "crunch" to it also when compared to the Wasanbon and the Blueberry ones. It is a bit "softer" but still crunchy and never chewy or melty. Hard to describe. I wish I could get a large bag or the entire box filled with only the Kokutoh because I really love this flavor! The tan, tiny, Wasanbon taste almost like peanut brittle/maple and are also rich in flavor. My only complaint is that because they are so tiny, the very hard nubs sometimes are too crunchy and may hurt your teeth a bit if you immediately begin chewing them. This flavor is also a nice choice to have on hand. Finally, we have Blueberry flavored and colored with natural coloring which is described as tart and sweet. These are definitly sweet, they for the most part remind me of rock candy. They are also crunchy but not as hard on teeth because they are the larger size. I feel like I sometimes get a flash of tart in my sweet but mostly I can smell it more than taste it. As I said before, I SIMPLY LOVE these beautiful, sturdy and possibly re-usable boxes so I order at least 1 box with each order of Tea from Hibiki-an! Thank you for offering such fun yet functional Tea offerings! My family and friends are always impressed when I not only serve your Green Tea but also offer these lovely confections. I have dared them to try to count the nubs on each one for fun as we have our Tea! I will always continue to order these!
The Tea is a great "Everyday Sencha" that is well priced and a great value for the taste plus you get multiple steepings both brewed hot or cold or with an ice filled kyusu (see recipes on this site.)
I think it is a nice way to give a wonderful gift that comes with multiple and unique to Japan items that are all very usable and delicious!
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Date August 21, 2012

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