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Nickname ivy   (Austria)
Review What a wonderful experience I had discovering Okaki rice crackers! I enjoyed them all but will try to elaborate on each flavor.

1.SEAWEED ROLL - the high quality nori brings a very strong sushi flavor. Tasty!
2. CHARBROILED SAVOR - these are rather tasteless, but have a nice crunch.
3. SEVEN FLAVOR CHILI PEPPER - oh my, these are really hot! But good hot! :)
4. SHRIMP FRY - yummy sweet&sour taste, subtle shrimp notes.
5. GINGER - sweet okaki and also very addictive! High quality ginger brings a nice "bite" in your tongue at the end.
6. MAPLE - sweet okaki, probably my favorite of all. I would order a bag just of those, if I could! Beautiful sweet maple flavor, smooth crunch.

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Date May 15, 2021

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