[Limited] Competition Grade Gyokuro Pinnacle (30g/1.06oz) Reviews

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Nickname Allen Manning - Tea Student   (United States)
Review This tea shined when I brewed with my favorite parameters for Gyokuro:

Leaf/Water Ratio: 6g per 100ml
Steep 1: room-temp for 14 minutes
Steep 2: 60c for 90 seconds
Steep 3+: add 5 degrees each steep for 90 seconds

I enjoyed 4 steeps, and let me tell you this tea was amazing! Leaves are large and well-sifted, beautifully dark and even green color. Light aroma notes of parsley, and something I can only describe as "sweet". Thick, luscious texture with playful dryness and light bitterness in the later steeps. Flavor notes of sweet canned corn, light algae, and a long lingering finish. Simply divine!

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Date February 03, 2020

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