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Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review Let's begin with the most remarkeable aspect of this tea:

You can eat the leaves, and they are probably the most mild that you can have.

For the first brew, I recommend 10g of tea, and 200 mL of water.

The tea will give you plenty of flavour, in line with Hibiki's other offerings. This steeping will be on the yellow side. Do not worry, later steepings will brighten and shift to green.

There is enough fine material in the bottom of the cup, which should suggest where the idea for matcha came from.

The leaf colour is beautiful. A few spilled brewed leaves were left on my counter, and I cannot help to look at them.

I find I have less patience for green tea, unless the flavour is there. I eat a snack like potato chips or hi quality cashews etc to get me through multiple brews.

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Date December 29, 2018

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