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Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review I had read so much about the Kuradashi Matcha and was so excited to finally be able to order it. While I mainly enjoy Usucha, I tried it as Koicha today and was stunned by how sweet the Koicha was. Usually, there is a bit of bitterness and it can get to feel like it's 'too much and overwhelmingly strong' (in even the best of Pinnacle Koichas), but not with this one. It is interesting to note that the moment I took a sip of the Koicha there were a certain 'Familiarity'. It was as if I had tasted it before and it brought about a huge feeling of deep but forgotten memories and well-being. I was left with a deep appreciation of Koicha and wanting to enjoy more of it.

I love Hibiki-An's matcha. My very first purchase was of the Pinnacle and then I tried the Super Premium trying to save a little money. The Pinnacle will always have my 'heart', but the Kuradashi Pinnacle has totally won me over. If there ever comes a day when I can only buy one type of matcha, it would be the Kuradashi Pinnacle hands down. I have been curious and tried other brands of matcha but none tastes as good, nor is as good a value as Hibiki-An's matcha. I'm ordering more to stash away. I've learned that if I place the matcha bag with the top folded over in a vacuum sealer bag and seal it after every use it will last a lot longer. So a big stash in a vacuum sealed bag in the refrigerator will take me through until next Kuradashi season and beyond.

Kuradashi Pinnacle is utterly delicious!

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Date October 20, 2021

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