Matcha Super Premium Refill (120g/4.23oz) Reviews

Nickname Kyle C   (United States)
Review I’m an experimenter by nature and love the thrill of the hunt. Finding new matcha to try is a great thrill. After drinking matcha for years I have come across many brands that I thoroughly enjoy. I wouldn’t say I had a “favorite” because there are so many that I enjoy immensely.
After getting Hibiki-an’s Matcha Super Premium blend I am astonished to announce that this is my favorite matcha of all time.
One of the main reasons I was attracted to it is that the price is absolutely fantastic for being handpicked and grown in the traditional manor.

To be honest I was anxious to receive the matcha and thought it wouldn’t be anything spectacular... I was so blown away after my first bowl that I don’t even want to try the pinnacle grade, there’s no need. I found the best matcha for me and the price is great. I love it! It is truly pause-inducing. I say “wow” and shake my head in disbelief every time I drink it. Truly incredible.
Excellent work. Can not recommend it enough. If you’re a fan of ugh quality matcha — as far as I know — it does not get any better than this. Get the 120g pouch — you’ll want more than 40g, and the price is very affordable.

It is without a doubt, my FAVORITE matcha.

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Date March 29, 2020

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