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Author Lawrence Buck   (United States)
Review As I prepared my last tea order I decided that it would be for the best to purchase two 120 gram bags of super premium matcha rather than dittling around with trying to save some money by adding some lower grades with one bag of super premium matcha.
The cost difference was only $15 more to have two bags of this hand picked quality.

Read the section on this website "The Four Seasons of Green Tea."
You might very well chose to up grade to the hand picked products.

The Pinnacle Grade Matcha is just above my budget on the cost as I usually drink over 240 grams every month.

I began my matcha journey over three years ago, near that time I found Hibiki-an and tried the superior grade. It was good but in no time I found the premium grade to be much better in flavor and for a long time premium held its place as the best bang for the buck.
My senses and understanding of matcha were just developing because I tried the super premium and decided it was not really any better than the premium.

I'm happy to say I have grown to appreciate the hand picked cultivars.

Much of the super premium that I recieved from Hibiki-an has had a wonderful unami, always smooth, and with a persisting sweetness that lingers on afterwards.
The cultivars are Samidori and Asahi, and at present also Uji Hikari which has good report.
It's still my first choice in matcha, but as there will always be subtle changes in all the grades I know that I prefer the two cultivars Samidori and Asahi blend best.
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Date March 09, 2020

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