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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I really Love HIBIKI-AN'S Super Premium Matcha and enjoy it VERY often, year round, in different moods, etc. so I have a thing for collecting nice handcrafted Matcha Bowls of all styles and sized from the usual style to the different sizes and shapes, such as the cute and smaller globe shape, the flat bowls choreographed for coolness, as well as the lovely different multicups to not only suit my mood but to be able to enjoy my Matcha in the amount I want or way I have decided to prepare it. Sometimes a cool Shincha Matcha smoothie blend in the Summer Grape Hana Kiko multicup will be exactly the perfect Tea Ware to enhance the Tea or in Autumn or Winter I dearly Love stargazing outside with a hot Hana Kiko multicup painted with Persimmon filled with a blend of hot chocolate and a bit of sweetly enriched Kuradashi Matcha.

(The Hana Kiko Series is awesome and you really can enjoy these cups in so many ways so the term "multi-cup" is VERY appropriate. I have found and realized lots of ways to use the different flowered cups throughout the year. For example, I really enjoy using the Plum which is very early Spring/late Winter to enjoy HIBIKI-AN'S Houjicha Karigane and especially the Limited Houjicha Karigane Super Premium blend both very hot and calming when it is colder. The HAKU white clay crackly cup made by the Artist Mr. Tanii is also perfect for these hotter and almost broth like, substantial Teas. I also really love the Plum multi-cup when I make my special drink now and then, which is cool and usually before bed, that includes J├Ągermeister, almond milk, brown sugar, and some caffiene free rootbeer. Mug brand is my favorite. I also like this in the Peony and Sakura Flowered cups.)

Tea Ware TRULY DOES enhance your Green Moments! About this Matcha Bowl specifically, I first saw it last year and the pictures themselves were really just giving such a cool feel and atmosphere. It was limited once again to the warmer Seasons and I really wanted this but missed it. But lucky for me it has been brought back this Season so I ordered as soon as able since this bowl was really stuck in my head and I still thought about it even months later!
As I mentioned before, there are the flat bowls for better enjoyment of Matcha when the months are hotter. To put the depth in perspective compared to my others, it is quite flat but not as flat as my flat Moonflower Matcha Bowl choreographed for coolness (you can see, for reference, another flat Matcha Bowl here before it is gone for the Season or completely, it is the Blue Crystal Glaze Porcelain bowl.) I also recently added to my collection the new Porcelain HANA KESSHO GIN FUJI (handcrafted Matcha Bowl) which is a violet/wisteria shade of lovely Crystal Glaze. When compared, my HYO RETSU is a bit flatter and holds a tiny bit less then the new HANA KESSHO GIN FUJI but both give off an elegant and cooling sensation and atmosphere. I really love the traditional shape of this bowl. It is really elegant and the different crackles over crackles give it a sort of dynamic and energetic feel of Nature, as when you watch the ice breaking off and flowing downriver! The HANA KESSHO GIN FUJI is a more elegantly and calm rather than elegantly energetic.

I Love using this bowl and I have never felt it to be heavy or cumbersome at all. I felt it was quite light, actually, and somehow gives off a very substantial and strong feel while still remaining cool and pleasantly very smooth to the touch. This traditional Matcha bowl shape is really a favorite of mine, it is just so pretty and a lovely work of art to use! It's a great Honor HIBIKI-AN OFFERS us these handcrafted items and if you Love your Matcha as much as I do you should consider this style of bowl to use during the warmer months to experience a cooling and more refreshing, new Matcha experience. :)
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Date July 01, 2013

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