[Recommended] Sencha Fukamushi Premium (100g/3.53oz) Reviews

Author Benjamin Howard   (United States)
Review Although I have explored many Japanese green teass over the years, I've not found any I enjoy and value more than Hibiki-ans' Sencha Fukamushi. Rather than describe its many virtues, here is a poem in praise of Fukamushi, as well as another of my daily pleasures. Long live Hibiki-an!


Until you’ve tasted Fukamushi,
You can only imagine its soft, vegetal,
And sea-green flavor. Grown in the shade and thinly
Chopped, its leaves release their abundant bounty
As easily as children speaking freely
Or tulips opening their petals

Early and naturally in April.
How gladly and, in truth, how gratefully
I sip my utterly predictable,
Ritualistic cup of Fukamushi,
As though its leaves partook of the eastern sun
And I and my vanishing tea were one

With all that is. But let me not
Forget to mention my twilit sips of sake,
As flavorful in their way as Fukamushi.
Daiginjo: even the word evokes the sunset
And I, the fortunate one, in fading light,
At ease and welcoming the night.

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Date February 13, 2024

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