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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This Karigane is one of my most very favorite Teas and all I can say is that I REALLY, TRULY wish it were available year round.
There is NOTHING better than a steaming hot cup of this first thing in the morning, definiyely at night and anytime really inbetween. I am a HUGE lover of the Karigane Matcha Pinnacle that HIBIKI-AN gifted as customer appreciation samples in celebration of their business's anniversary! That Tea is never sold unfortunately! I have ordered and drank the regular Karigane Houjicha and I honestly admit that to me, there is NO COMPARISON! THIS TEA IS JUST WAY BETTER!! I LOVE IT!!
The addition of the Matcha stems added to the already high grade Karigane Sencha is something completely new and awesome!! It tastes amazingly complex and flavorful, I am only drinking this Tea now and it is disappearring WAY too fast!! :(
In my opinion this Tea is a lovely, mouthwatering broth!! I just want to drink it every chance I possibly can get!! Although the Tea is dark in color, to me the similarities to other Black Teas completely end. It is also not like coffee to me, unless you enjoy it's lovely roasted, yet still different from coffee, aroma. I personally love to steep this Tea quite strongly for sometimes 1min or more!!! I use boiling water and it's so easy compared to other Tea water temp requirements. This Tea is really something special and I TRULY HOPE I see it offered here more sooner than later!!!! OHIGASHI pairs extremely deliciously with a steaming hot cup of this!! :)
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Date February 12, 2013

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