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Author Mario Poletti   (Italy)
Review Till now I have been concerned with high grade teas like Gyokuro, Sencha and Matcha, and have experienced their Kuradashi and Competition Grade versions. Only recently I have agreed with Hibiki's suggestion to try Houjicha Super Premium.
When spirit and mind need concentration, when they need to prepare for an important exertion, preparing a Matcha and taking care of a delicate and precious Matcha Bowl, tasting its colour, flavour and aroma, absorbing its healthy constituents, are great gifts of Japanese experience and culture.
When the spirit may finally ask its supremacy on body and mind, the role of Gyokuro and Sencha and the use of a sophisticated Hohin set are suitable similar gifts.
I never thought that between this Alpha and this Omega there might be a third high level Japanese gift, until I experienced Houjicha Super Premium. It is easy to prepare without particular cares so it may be used to have as many as you like relaxing moments during your exertion, yet its sophisticated nuances of uniquely fragrant burning wood, that you perceive preparing and drinking it, last long and agreeably in your mouth, and become a continuous source of physical pleasure and help going on with your work.
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Date March 13, 2011

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