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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I was first able to try Tencha Super Premium last Summer Season when offered for only a limited Time and it became my favorite Tea. (Aside from the actual finished, ground product- Matcha, which is my favorite Tea in general. But favorite Tea leaves, I really feel I can say Tencha and favorite Karigane I really feel I'd choose the Customer Appreciation Gift of Karigane Matcha Pinnacle. I LOVE anything to do with Matcha!)

Last year I was not able to write a review for Tencha Super Premium, only the Pinnacle, but I will write now that this Tea is lovely. I find it extremely calming. I like to steep it using a very low water temperature and for a longer Time so I can enjot it without it being overly warm or too hot since it is Summer. My favorite way to drink this is actually in my favorite 500ml Dobin style pot. It is True that the longer steeping will reduce your number of steepings, but I personally found that to not be a problem because I found I really do not need to use as many leaves as recommended. I personally find the Tea too strong if I use more leaves a directed. That is a GREAT bonus for me to make this last!

I prepare my 500ml Dobin style pot and retreat to my room, completely alone. When I take the Time for Tencha I want absolutely NOTHING but calm and relaxation! I will even admit that on several occasions I have relaxed in a bath with my Dobin of Tencha! It may sound weird or funny but I Love it and I'm not going to stop doing that! After the first pot is finished I add more leaves, about half of the original amount to make a Perfect 2nd pot. The taste is very delightful, just as described by HIBIKI-AN, and the flavor lingers in a pleasing and mouthwatering way. I enjoyed my Tencha strictly this way after I tried cold-brewed Tencha using the 1000ml Seasonal Teapot and did not enjoy the taste as much, once again, it tasted too strong. I meant to try cold-brewing other ways but I ended up freezing that cold-brewed Tencha into cubes, using it in my cold-brewed Gyokuro Karigane, and not trying cold Tencha again since I Loved using my Dobin for my "Tencha Time Outs."

But this year, just today, I decided to cold-brew this Summer's Tencha Super Premium once again but not use as many leaves. I'm so glad I tried cold-brewed Tencha again! For me, it's too strong to use as many leaves as recommended so I put in about the same as I'd normally use of other Teas. After some hours in the refrigerater I was rewarded with a delightfully refreshing and very pure tasting Tea with a very noble, mouthwatering aroma! The cold-brew method makes the Tencha taste a bit different, different notes are brought out and it really reminds me alot of the Karigane Matcha Tea Gift! I will continue to cold-brew Tencha this year, unlike last year, and am very glad to see HIBIKI-AN introduced another grade of Tencha this Summer 2013- Tencha Premium set at a reasonable price so I can enjoy Tencha in various ways without worrying about running out so quickly or restricting my methods of brewing.

When I started to get low on my Tencha supply I was very upset. I decided to blend 50/50 the Tencha Super Premium and the Tencha Pinnacle and this worked out Perfectly for me. I plan on doing the same thing this year so I do not have to choose between grades, I can just enjoy the highest everytime when the 2 are blended half and half. I'm also really glad HIBIKI-AN offered another grade of Tencha this Summer to moderate the price and quality for those of us who wish to drink this Tea quite often while it's available. Thank you!
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Date August 09, 2013

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