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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I know I often say a Tea "is one of my favorites" in my reviews but that is really due to the outstanding efforts put in by HIBIKI-AN to amaze me year round through each Season and it goes without saying that the Shincha Harvest Teas will definitely hold a place for any Green Tea Lover, especially so for those of us lucky to have found HIBIKI-AN !

Last Harvest I tried mostly every Shincha available. At that Time I was very much into drinking HIBIKI-AN's Pinnacle Sencha and the highest grade of their Sencha Fukamushi, as well as a definite at least once daily enjoyment of their Super Premium Matcha. As the year went by, I started getting more and more into Gyokuro's and Kariganes for the sweetness and because sometimes a Sencha can upset my stomach. Although I wrote no review for this Tea last year online, I kept a personal handwritten one so I could remember my favorites for orders to come. I had really loved this Shincha Gyokuro last year so I knew I definitely wanted it again this year.

I prefer this over the AOTE Shincha. I understand the AOTE is grown to sort of allow us to enjoy both a Sencha and a Gyokuro and I do like the AOTE Shincha but realized I prefer the True Shincha Gyokuro experience. At last Harvest, I had not been through my awesome Tea Journey that was last year with HIBIKI-AN yet so I had not tried really anything at all but now after experiencing and enjoying Gyokuro from the Kariganes, to the extremely Loved Autumn Kuradashi Gyokuro, and even the nectar like Competition Grade Gyokuro I can look back and really very much appreciate this Tea.

To be Honest, I was looking forward to the Shincha Gyokuro and Shincha Matcha more than the Shincha Senchas this year, unlike last year, even if that seems backwards! This Tea is just a sweet, lovely, light, "young" Gyokuro. The difference in shading can really be tasted and because the Tea is just so extremely fresh (HIBIKI-AN just totally amaze me at how awesome they are and just really Love and Respect Tea and they pass that on to us continuously, they really do touch my heart, and to think how this Tea was just ever so recently still just waiting to be plucked is really just The Best!) I Truly feel that I can literally "taste the sunshine" that was more generously showered over this Shincha Gyokuro. It is a very fresh yet still mellow cup of Gyokuro greatness! This Tea I will buy at every Harvest. It's awesome to experience this version of Gyokuro this Time of year because it reflects the feel and atmosphere of the young, soft but still energetic and in bloom Spring Time (and I agree that this Tea is very nice iced with the cubes also being made from this very same Tea) sweetness in the same yet different way the enriched power of the Autumn Kuradashi reflects Fall.

I cannot see any Gyokuro lover disliking this Shincha version and there are so many ways to brew it, you should definitely try it before the very limited Harvest stock is gone.
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Date June 24, 2013

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