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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I really LOVE the Gyokuro Kariganes and this 1 is definitely the best. Last year around this Time was my first Time trying it and I knew if it returned this year I'd be sure to get enough to last longer throughout the rest of the year because Gyokuro Karigane is something that is a daily staple for me. I always have the glass teapot sold here (w the green strainer and top) stocked in my refrigerator filled w cold-brewed Gyokuro Karigane Tea. The cold-brew method reduces caffiene alot, especially in the Kariganes which have less to begin with, and I really can appreciate that since I have insomnia issues but do not ever want to go without my Teas!

This Super Premium grade is so sweet yet delicate with a smooth yet still full mouthfeel. Brewed alone it is wonderful but I also will add a bit to the lower next grade down to extend the multiple brewings or add a bit more flavor notes because this contains Enriched Kuradashi Autumn stems and veins in the blend so it is a bit less "grassy" than the other 2 grades, more sweetly "rich."

I really like to use Teas like this in any and all new ways I can think of and yesterday I decided to use this brewed Tea instead of plain water in my oatmeal, flax, & quinoa (sp?) mix. It turned out delicately sweet and I did not even add any honey like I sometimes do. Add less or more depending on how thin or thick you enjoy your oatmeal, etc. I've also done this with rice, using the next grade down of the Gyokuro Karigane, once I added a bit of Super Premium Matcha to that blend also then made the rice with it. Also, using Sencha Karigane gives the rice a different yet delicately flavored aroma and flavor while using the Houjicha Karigane gives your rice a nice and warm, smoky, delicately roasted/nutty aroma and flavor. I love doing this because of the extra health benefits that are boosted by the Teas being used to cook the rice instead of just plain water.

Anyway, I LOVE this Tea and stocked up this Time around because I can't be without it's refreshment and deliciousness, not to mention how sweet it is with absolutely nothing added... it's just PERFECT for drinking all the Time!
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Date March 30, 2014

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