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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I find this cup to be the Perfect choice for more warm and hot Teas like the Kariganes, especially Houjicha Kariganes. This cup feels substantial and will warm but not burn your hands while drinking your more substantial, full-bodied Teas which is lovely to experience in the colder months. The imperfections make it beautiful and the unique white clay isPerfect to admire the colors of your different Teas. I often just relax and lose track of Time while gazing at the millions of tiny crackles, both black and clear which catch the light and sparkle like ice, inside through my swaying Tea. I Love this cup.
It also holds more Tea than any of my largest yunomi or multi-cups so it's definitely perfect for when you want more Tea or to enjoy Matcha. The interior looks mysterious and it's interesting to think about exactly how each layer was formed and made by the Artist, who happens to be a very favorite Artist of mine. If used for Matcha often enough, or any Tea really, the interior grows even deeper and mysterious feeling/atmosphere in layers that are darkest at the bottom then fade as they ascend, depending on how much/ "deep" you drink your Matcha in the cup.
Right now, my favorite Tea to enjoy from this cup is a 1/2 & 1/2 blend of Sencha and Houjicha Kariganes. This blend is wonderful warm or hot and really great when cold-brewed because the caffiene does not worry me like it usually does later into the day. I find this blend great to enjoy with meals and especially Autumn desserts such as pumpkin and/or cinnamon spiced bundt cake.

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Date October 20, 2013

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