Whiskey Barrel Ash Glaze Yunomi (handcrafted: pair) Reviews

Author Mario Poletti   (Italy)
Review As usual the comment given by Hibiki is strictly faithful to the true; I merely add that the pictures cannot communicate the outstanding beauty of these cups.
Glancing at them once opened the beautiful box one would swear that not the clay but either diaphanous mother of pearl or pure light were formed into these two little cups.
This impression lasts in time: they communicate a deep emotion of astonishment and of beauty every time my eyes meet them.
The drawings may be the naive efforts of an artist of the Stone Age to make perceptible the strength of natural phenomena, as well as the sophisticated synthesis of the universe which might be expressed by an artist in the future thousands of years.
Truly Mr Hozan Tanii is a great, lovely and deeply human artist.
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Date January 20, 2010

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