[Shouraku] KURO MAKUGUSURI CHAWAN (by Shouraku III) Reviews

Author Mario Poletti   (Italy)
Review With the bowl before my eyes I realize how well thought and corresponding to the truth is its description given in this site.
Exploring it by our fingers we can perceive the work of the hands of Mr Shohraku trying to give the clay form and life.
Touching and glancing at the bottom we perceive the original nature of the material to which Mr Shohraku has imposed the historical idea of beauty and his own idea of beauty..
No photo can describe the beauty of the granular texture of the clay which appears under the gently shining black glaze.
The bowl seems at the same time a monolithic always existed stone and a living strength of nature: when you see in it the intense green color of Matcha Super Premium and Pinnacle, and perceive their exceptionally subtle scent and flavour, you perceive too this strength flowing in your senses and in your soul.
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Date December 08, 2009

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