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Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review This tea is well above any sencha that I have previously drank. The first infusion was comparable to chicken soup. You will want to enjoy this first brew by itself.

What I really find interesting is the difference between this tea and the Gyokuro Pinnacle. They are both worthy teas. However, being able to compare the two clearly explained why Gyokuro needed to be invented. It's like the sencha has 1/2 of the amount of umami. Yet, this sencha is full of flavour.

Anyways, the dried tea leaves were green, clearly high quality and needle like.

How I brewed this:
10 g tea
80C water
1 minute
3 times

The other thing I wanted to say is that while drinking this, I found myself wanting a good savoury snack. I think either the vegetable chips or the sweet potato glace would go well with this.
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Date October 07, 2017

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