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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Today I opened my pack of this Tea to try for the very first Time, ever. I have already brewed and absolutely enjoyed both grades of the Kuradashi Gyokuro (Super Premium and Pinnacle) in my Hohin a few Times this past week so I was excited to compare the Kuradashi Sencha.
Using my little kyusu (the earthenware small kyusu that came with my first order placed here in the Organic Tea Set Gift) that has become what I call my little "frog friend" due to how cute and easy it is to enjoyably see and use, I used a lower temp of water and a longer steeping Time, possibly as much as 3min, I'm sure; but since I have no water thermometer I can only say I judged the temp how I have learned to do so by it's appearance and touch with my finger (it works for me! So I'm happy and OK with that method!) I judge the looks of the water this way: I wait for super tiny "swirles" or I guess they are extremely small bubbles just beginning to form and seem to "swirl" around the very bottom of my pot of water on the stove top (btw, I cannot wait to get a water boiler/heater that keeps a large amount of water heated at set waiting temps for different Teas throughout the day! Then I will be able to tell you the actual temp I used.) Anyhow, I used enough Tea leaves as directed for 2cups and taste tested a bit after 1min, then again after almost 2min, and then again until the flavor was where I wanted it and I am very happy with my results. Extremely pleased and happy, actually!
I admit that I had strayed from Sencha after HIBIKI-AN orders I was placing started to only include my ALWAYS Must-Have Matcha Super Premium, Gyokuro Karigane, and Gyokuro Super Premium specially to enjoy in my Hohin Set (which creates an incomparable atmosphere of calm and well-being which I am Truly grateful for) & since Sencha is not as gentle on my stomach as Gyokuro or as yummy sweet I realized (I first discovered HIBIKI-AN on a search to obtain Sencha Fukamushi which I had fallen in love with & decided was my favorite Tea of all when I tried it as part of a gift set but found out that specific retailer did not sell it individually, ever....but soon came to love Gyokuro & it's Karigane more than Sencha Fukamushi) plus I always include traditional confections with each order because they are just so good I cannot help myself so money goes to them instead of more Tea.
BUT AFTER filling my beautiful pale blue Whispering Water yunomi with this nectar I am a renewed Sencha fan! Kuradashi Sencha from HIBIKI-AN is nothing but ABSOLUTELY delicious! I'm sad to know this Tea is very LE, and will be gone soon. I really wish I had been able to order more than 1pack! Hopefully it will still be here and I will definitely order another pack when my budget next allows me.The taste is so exceptionally sweet with very flavorful notes of spices and sweet berries! I tasted an amazing lack of bitterness which was surprising, yet the Sencha still had it's "brisk" and refreshing qualities that it's known for. It was a sensation like an Autumn's cool, refreshing, brisk breeze against a still moist from a chilly, but gently rain showered tree bark that scented the air with fresh green cool mossy notes, warm earthy wood aspects along with fragrant bursts of spices the tree bark emitted from it's natural essential oils type of aroma. I was surprised in a very huge and very positive way after sipping this Tea. I admit I was not as excited about the Sencha Kuradashi as I was about the Gyokuro Kuradashi when I placed my order and started to taste the Teas this past week, but I am very seriously incredibly surprised! I feel that the enriching of the Sencha was able to bring out the Autumn notes in the flavor and aroma even more so than in the enriched Gyokuro (you can read a more detailed description of these notes, flavors, etc. in my revews under Kuradashi Gyokuro Super Premium as they are the same with this Sencha) and I must admit that right now I feel this Sencha is one of my very favorite Teas! I really just love it! Thanks, HIBIKI-AN! I very much appreciate your Time, dedication, skill, and willingness to share this limited amount of a very precious and delicious Tea to the rest of us outside of Japan. I just cannot wait to try your Kuradashi Matcha now, since Matcha is my VERY Favorite! <3
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Date October 18, 2012

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