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Review I'm sitting here near dusk, looking at Aka Raku, whom I have yet to name. I have only had this bowl for a few days. It is the second of Shoraku's bowls that I have been honoured to possess.

The colour of this bowl is red. It is a red that has aged for many years. This is how I see the effect of the red and white. It is like this picture of a red post. (See included picture)

The amount of white glaze was a bit unexpected. It is my personal preference for this rather than drip glaze. It serves to lighten the effect of the red of bowl. In darker light, it appears more red. In brighter light, it looks more pink.

The glaze is crackled and has a different feel than Kuro Raku. Overall, I like this bowl.

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Date September 23, 2017

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