AKA RAKU (handcrafted Matcha Bowl) Reviews

Author Thomas Ryan Nelson   (United States)
Review I write this for my wife, who received this product yesterday, with no warning. We had the initial Matcha Tea ceremony on Mother's Day.

First, your words and descriptions about Aka-Raku were very much to the point. And your instructions about care and handling of this product were quite explicit and pertinent.

Your discussion of this product and the way it feels and handles in the hands of its owner were explicit. My wife is not very good at describing her feelings and sensations, but from a very dedicated and fond viewpoint I can say that the image of her and taking the filled Aku-Raku cup to her face and her imbibing the matchless Matcha Tea brought to me an image of the Japanese gods, sitting atop Mt. Fuji and breathing in the magic of Earth.

Anyone who does not have one of these products is very much to be pitied. I do not have one as yet, and I am looking forward very intently and with great enthusiasm to being able to purchase one of my own.

Thank you for yet one more of your fine products. I shall be back to you again for more of the same.

Take care.

Tom Nelson
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Date May 13, 2014

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