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Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review This tea was different from the Pinnacle version. I would describe it as greener. It reminded me more of matcha. There was a lot of umami in the first brew. Less than the Pinnacle version though. I did think it laster better over several steepings, though.

Opening the package, there was more of an aroma. The dried leaf was a dark green. I did notice more leaf material or larger leaves once brewed. This might give a hint to the differences between the two. Brewed colour was a lot greener as well. There was more powder in the cup, as well.

It's difficult to say whether I prefer this or the sencha kuradashi. I do feel that this years gradations are more accurate now.

I paired this tasting with sushi and sashimi from a local shop. Salmon, tuna, pickled radish, and seaweed in a dressing were eaten beside it. This was something I had really wanted to do.
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Date October 07, 2017

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