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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This Tea is very good and I can definitely tell the difference between this and the regular, non-enriched Gyokuro Super Premium. This Tea is not as "marine-like" in it's notes, but more "earthy." Although it really is hard to describe, I'll try to here. I recieved my box today and was very excited to try this since I have never had any Kuradashi Tea before and since I know, trust, and love HIBIKI-AN, I knew it would be a nice treat to celebrate Autumn which happens to be my favorite Season.
I brewed it using my (now discontinued) Hohin set that has the wave pattern on it to make everything even better!
The first brew I sipped slowly so I could try to pick out notes.I quickly realized this Tea is more than just about how it tastes, or what you happen to taste, but about how it makes you feel. I am reminded of a lovely, warm but still crisp, fresh blanket that is years and years old but was handmade for me by my GrandMother being placed on me by my Mom on the first coldest day in Autumn. All of that probably sounds so overdramatic, but I think people who love Tea will "get" it. (I Hope...at least.) The flavor notes were warmer and earthier than the usual savory marine notes, they still make your tastebuds water for more but the finish tastes more spicy and fragrant, almost like a perfume of the forest with it's different trees, leaves, and bark in Fall. I did taste a warm sweetness, a bit like sweet fresh bread, or lightly sweet cake dough. I also sensed something like a very fresh yet warm vanilla, it could possibly be described as berries. That was my favorite part, I could taste it subtly, and smell it even more, especially in the steeped leaves when I opened my Hohin's lid for the 2nd steeping, and unfortunately I just can't put my finger on what exactly that note is, although it is my very favorite!
The 2nd steeping was less sharp and the Tea had mellowed out quite a bit to let the sweetness come through more. There were less woodsy notes and, as another reviewer wrote- it reminded me of a bakery even more so with the lightly sweet bread and nearly cake scent. The berries aspect was more clear, also and I was reminded of candied violets, strawberries, and sweet yet still acidic in their nature raspberries.
Basically, if you like Gyokuro you should try this Tea. You really cannot go wrong since we know HIBIKI-AN Truly treats their Teas as the precious gifts from Nature that they Truly are! I feel great knowing that this Tea was TRULY ENRICHED using the VERY BEST of centuries and generations of knowledge, combined with the best facilities of our modern day! It isn't just an old Tea that sat on a shelf and is now being passed off as "enriched." The Gyokuro "base" is still there, you will definitely know it is Gyokuro, but somehow it has become even more magical and each brew, each sip brings to mind a swirl of beautifully colored Atumn leaves, each sip brings a different color into prominence or a different aspect of a lovely brisk, yet gentle wind blowing.
This Tea reminds me of one of my very favorite things- walking in the State Park in Autumn surrounded by Nature! I Love that feeling! Thank you, HIBIKI-AN for sharing such wonderful Teas with us :)
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Date October 12, 2012

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