Organic Sencha Superior (200g/7.05oz) Reviews

Nickname CB   (Canada)
Review I am so pleased to be able to purchase such high quality organic sencha from Hibiki-An.

This Superior grade sencha has a lovely, subtle flavour that I have enjoyed in both hot and cold brewed forms - though during these sweltering summer months, the cold brewed version is exceptionally fragrant and quenching.

I highly recommend trying both types of extraction methods and experiencing the altered flavour profiles, it is difficult for me to characterize the wonderfully complex subtitles!

I have had a blast savouring the organic sencha and gyokuro offerings of this years harvest and can find no fault in depth of flavour throughout, as expected of Hibiki-An and their particular attention to quality.

The Superior sencha is now a mainstay in my daily tea practice, indeed I was so delighted with the flavour, I re-purchased another pouch to make sure I don't run out anytime soon!
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Date August 06, 2017

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