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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I was so excited to finally try the Pinnacle Matcha!! Since I usually drink the Super Premium Matcha, and found that to be delicious, I was waiting to try the Pinnacle. Well, this past 12th was my Birthday, so I ordered it on the 8th as a Gift to myself.
Words really cannot describe how BEAUTIFUL this Pinnacle Matcha Hibiki-an shares with us! So, all I can say is that this Matcha is the MOST BEAUTIFUL I have EVER experienced!
A BEAUTIFUL Taste! It is extremely sweet with ZERO bitterness, still balanced, of course, but I just had a small cup using the multicup, , and my mouth is just watering for more! I have decided that will be the ONLY cup I use for this Pinnacle BEAUTIFUL Matcha because it was my First handmade cup I chose to order when I placed my very first order here, and to conserve this very precious Perfect Nature's Food!
A BEAUTIFUL Color! I must admit that the powder looked a bit pale, or so I thought but it could just have been my lighting or lack of sleep dealing with Insomnia nightly. BUT, once whisked with boiling water this Matcha is SO BEAUTIFUL. It is like the MOST Beautiful GREEN JEWEL you could ever Imagine! I really cannot describe it! It's like a deep Jade or Dark and Mysterious Emerald.
I admit that this particular cup I have trouble getting a froth but I did try but after 2 very tiny splashes, I decided to not waste even the tiniest amount! So, I enjoyed it definitely to the most extreme this morning!
I now feel relaxed and happy to have had this BEAUTIFUL MATCHA MOMENT and SO VERY THANFUL to ALL the hardworking people at Hibiki-an who make these things possible!
I was getting a headache due to the changing weather but now it is going away and I feel ready to finally get some Peaceful sleep.
I had been telling myself that it really could not be much of a difference, even after tasting the different grades of nearly ALL the Green Teas available here and now the ONLY Sencha I have decided to drink regularly is Pinnacle Sencha, as an example, plus I can taste and tell the difference between the Premium compared to the Superior Gyokuro Karigane. Of course, they are both wonderful but I definitelt prefer the higher grade. I guess the price was the ONLY thing that was REALLY TRULY holding me back, but, comparing the differences in the Pinnacle Sencha & the lower grades, or Pinnacle Gyokuro along with the Super Premium Gyokuro & the lower grades of Gyokuro, plus the Two grades of Gyokuro Kariganes, THIS Matcha REALLY JUMPS UP EVEN HIGHER, I feel, than the other Teas' Pinnacle "jumps."
I can still taste the lingering beautiful flavor, and my tastebuds want more! But this will be a definite Treat, although I WILL NEVER allow it to go bad!!!
In short, I feel as if I am the Royalty Of Old being offered this Matcha & allowed to drink it. It really is PRECIOUS!
If you LOVE MATCHA as much as me, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this at least Once when you are able!
This is not "Good." This is not "Great." This is "Beautiful!"
It is Mother Nature's Beautiful Gift of Health, Taste, Color, EVERYTHING....all in a small yunomi! :D
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Date August 21, 2012

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