[Shincha!] Sencha Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz) Reviews

Author Holly Helt   (United Kingdom)
Review I have done a few reviews after ordering like a kid in a candy store. Once again, Sencha Pinnacle scores big!

It is such a special tea so I wanted to prepare it for just the right reason and that was The Queen's Diamond Jubilee here in the UK. Fitting that this is from the same farm where the Emperor receives tea!

I opened the bag and like a thunderous applause, a floral garden with freshly mowed grass surrounded me. The grassy aroma was faint and just a tickle. Next the long glossy, almost black, leaves enchanted me. It's so dark! I also loved the way it has a bit of hand-pickedness about it. I saw a little tiny stem or two which added to the absolute charm of this sophisticated wonder.

I made this with 75° water and a total steeping time including pouring for 1.5 minutes. A welcome bitterness says it's first hello and then comes the really clean sparkle that just shines through. It's a very vibrant tea - not too sweet, not too bitter - very well balanced. I must admit to thinking this would be a sweet bomb but I was wrong.

JOY comes full swing in the second brew, my favourite. Perhaps it's my skill as the bitterness was a little toned down on the first sip so there wasn't a jump in tastes but rather it rolled into that clean vibrancy I mentioned on the first steeping.

So my word here is cleansing. Yep, vibrant too. You just KNOW this is healthy goodness from nature.

Oh and just FYI, I had some lightly roasted cashews and almonds which really brought out the balance of this tea and yet again, the sweetness was still present 30 mins after my last cup! This is a Hibiki-an signature I think!
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Date June 13, 2012

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