Gyokuro Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz) Reviews

Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Many thanks for producing and offering Hibiki an's Pinnicle Japanese
Green Tea.
My very first experience began with the Gyokuro Pinnicle tea .

I have to start somewhere to try and accurately describe my experience with this tea and it will have to be with the word Heaven. If there is a distinction to set this tea apart from all other teas, I would justly use this word, Heaven. I have never tasted a tea that is so special. It is clear and fresh and beautifully balanced. It greets the back of the throat and sends return messages to the front of the mouth. It is a tea that you do not want to interupt with food or conversation. I recieved the shipment on a Monday and I let the tea rest from it's trip from Japan to the USA until Wednesday. Then I looked into my teaware cabinet where my best teawares wait to be chosen. I have learned from experience that tea is appreciated much more when the proper vessels are carefully chosen to match the tea. This is also apparent on your web site. You have carefully offered specially chosen teaware to help your customers appreciate your teas. The rest is history. I encourage all Green Tea drinkers to try your Pinnicle teas before the 2006 supply is sold out- I am re-ordering mine right now because next year is just too far away when it comes to Pinnicle tea.

This tea is truly outstanding Green Tea.

Again thank you for offering this tea to those of us outside of Japan.

Barbara C. Glancy USA June 14, 2006
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Date June 17, 2006

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