[Limited] Shincha Fukamushi (80g/2.82oz) Reviews

Author Jakub Lewandowski   (Poland)
Review One year has gone by. A lot has changed. We've been through a lot. But we look back with happiness at the first evening when we tried the Fukamushi Shincha for the very first time. And we remember the warm tears.

The first cup of the jade-green infusion awakens all senses. It seems our bodies and minds have been asleep since last summer. We have been on a green tea fast since February when the last portion of gyokuro has been injected to our consciousness. For all these months the thirst was immense. But when the parcel from Ujitawara arrived on Monday morning to my Shanghai office, we knew we had to be patient and wait for the perfect time for the first Green Moment - to make it special.

Deprived of appropriate tea cups and spring water, equipped with basic utensils, we decided to give it a try six days later.

The result was indescribable.
What strikes first, and you don't need to suffer the misery of drinking Chinese lu-cha for 3 months to notice it, is the vibrant, emerald colour which lures your senses and hypnotizes your mind. You wonder how the human race could be so insolent trying to mimic the hues of nature with artificial colorings in almost every F&B products you come across nowadays. Can there be something greener than a cup of Shincha duly brewed itself?

The infusion works like a magnet and drags your lips towards the edge of the cup paralyzing your olfactory sense with fresh, raw, unique aroma of just-harvested, green tea leaves preciously sealed within. Then there is the taste: sweet and mellow, yet powerful and dominant with a tone of astringency echoing on the sides of your tongue.

After fully enjoying the green moment you can go one step further. Try eating the delicate leaves. They taste a bit buttery and cannot be compared to anything else. Just remember not to overheat the tea leaves when brewing the tea. Also they need to be infused at least 3 or 4 times. Otherwise they might taste a bit too bitter. It has a grassy nose so while eating you feel as you just landed on a meadow or freshly trimmed lawn. Once you try, you'll never have enough. And imagine the result of eating them - there is nothing more efficient in waking your organism and soul up on a slow Saturday morning. Your body starts resonating with the surroundings: you can smell the sharp scent of wet streets and trees, hear the birds singing among the noise of city streets, and your appetite becomes gargantuan. You are more than ready for the namagashi.

On the second day we woke up impatiently to explore the nuances of this year?s taste.
Now we're certain - the aroma is fruity as well. Last year we could bet on smelling dried plums when drinking Shincha, this year it's more like fresh raspberries.

How do you do that Mr. Atsushi!?

This is real magic!
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Date July 01, 2010

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