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Author Chip Creitz   (United States)
Review "Saemidori breed has a naturally unique, sweet and smooth taste..."

Perhaps best expressed by hibiki-an's own description of the Saemidori breed, this is possibly one of the sweetest and smoothest shincha...or sencha I have ever had. It is remarkable in every respect, from the refreshing sweet aroma of the dry leaf...to the beguiling green brew (2nd and 3rd steeps are the greenest).

The flavor and aroma of the brewed tea left me momentarily speechless, it is that good.

I did go with lower temps to bring out this sweetness. 168* in my preheated kyusu.

I find I can vary parameters of this fukamushi in both temp and amount of leaf fairly easily without ill-effect. I do however recommend a slow pour for the first several steeps.

The 5th steep was simply pure honey sweetness.

I will be back for this one next year, and I hope to see more of this breed in years to come.
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Date May 28, 2008

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